Pricing Info

     **Pricing can be more or less than noted. The prices shown are just an average number and may be higher or lower and depends upon the final theme/design chosen (detail is a big factor). Once you've contacted MonsterMacDesigns about your custom design an official quote will be given. Periodically there are discounts and promos given out on MonsterMacDesigns' Facebook and Instagram pages so please follow for constant updates.

    S H I P P I N G - ALL SHOES (toddler shipping is free) PLEASE ADD $10.00 FOR SHIPPING As of July 17 2013, due to shipping prices being raised. 

ALL payments for shoes are to be made via to:

Vans Slip On:
(see note below at the bottom marked "**" for explanation of any pricing changes)

(Adult Sizes)
- Fronts Only: $200**
- Full shoe: $250**

- Fronts only: $175**
- Full shoe: $215**

- $140 flat rate for art and free shipping

Vans Era and Authentic models ("lace up"):
(NOTE: Lace up shoes do not offer a very large area for art, so it is suggested to purchase full shoe coverage for the best overall look of your shoes)
- Fronts only: $215**
- Full shoe: $265**

(Youth - NOTE: these may be hard to find in the Vans Era model):
- Fronts only: $180**
- Full shoe: $230**

(Toddler-Authentics ONLY):
- $150 flat rate for art and free shipping!

T O M S , Converse/Chuck Taylors:  PLEASE EMAIL FOR INFO (**pricing for these will be similar to Vans depending on design but please ask for a more specific quote)


** there may be a change in price from time to time depending on supply and demand. please check back frequently for accurate info. Pricing is also can be cheaper depending on design simplicity. 

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