FAQs - (frequently asked questions):
Below are some common questions that are asked. If there is anything extra you would like to know please feel free to contact MonsterMacDesigns on the Contact page.



Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is now $5.00 starting (March 7th 2013), this covers a little of the price hike by the USPS. Overseas customers will need to pay full shipping costs.

How are shoe designs made?
A: MonsterMacDesigns would like an email to discuss the possible design wanted on your custom shoes first. Once a design or style is agreed upon you can place your order

Do you only do Vans brand shoes:
A: No. Vans is my main choice as I have worn Vans essentially all my life and love their quality, BUT I'll do any canvas shoes that I can get in white canvas. Sorry no leather at this time.

Can you paint on Black Vans?
A: No. I only paint on white canvas shoes with the exception of my Galaxy themed shoes which I use all black shoes to create a better effect for that particular theme.

What is used in the design process:

A: All shoes are done with water based acrylic paints and applied by brush. To finish the shoes, each pair is coated with a special mixture of products i use to preserve the shoes. I'll no longer give details about exact products I use (some things are better kept secret)

How long does a pair of shoes take to make?

A: All shoes take roughly a week unless told otherwise do the detail of certain designs.Usually no more than a week. All Custom orders are done in the order that they were recieved. Wait times vary do to back orders. MosnterMacDesigns will let you know once your shoes are started.

How do I pay?

A: to (only once a design agreement has been reached).

How do I care/clean my custom shoes?

A: All shoes are sealed and waterproofed. It is still highly advised to keep shoes from being submerged in any liquids or mud to extend the life of the shoes. To clean you may use a slighly dampened cloth to wipe the shoes free of dirt/debris.

What if I have a specific date I need my shoes?

A:Please Email MonsterMacDesigns about specific date needs (FIRST, Please do not order before contacting). Do to back orders it is highly advised to order a couple of months ahead of time. Sometimes only a month ahead may be needed but back order logs vary and may not guarantee you recieve your shoes in time if ordered too close to the date needed.

When should I expect a reply to my email:

Email response hrs are 6am-7pm Central US time 7days a week. Any messages after that time will be responded to the following day (24hrs).

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