Custom Shoe Styles:

The Following shoe styles/brands are available to be custom painted by MonsterMacDesigns:

- Vans Classic White Slip On (Toddler/Youth/Men/Women)

- Vans White Authentic "lace up" (Toddler/Youth/Men/Women)

- Vans White 106

- Toms all white canvas

-Converse Chuck taylors

PLEASE ask about other white canvas Vans that you may be interested in ordering.

(note: toddler/kids/Toms shoes all are ordered since stores do not carry these shoes in white)

When ordering shoes please be sure to contact MonsterMacDesigns via email to about desired design and wait times in order to avoid any problems or order complications. Once a design is agreed on Payment will be needed in full via
PAYPAL.COM to before your order will be placed in line behind previous orders. See FAQ page for further information. 
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