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About MonsterMac:

 MonsterMacDesigns' Artist/Designer Jordan "MonsterMac" McMahon is originally from Northern California. Growing up around wide varieties of art from Tattoos and Graffiti to Hot Rod /Car Kulture as well as various different types of art seen around the world during time in the Military. The art MonsterMac creates has a strong Tattoo/graffiti influence and as some say a New Skool heavy line style with bright and vibrant colors. all of MonsterMac's art is done by hand with very little computer/digital help keeping everything 100 percent unique and custom to each item produced. Influenced by several artists around the globe. MonsterMac is a struggling artist that is determined to make a name for himself. 

Custom Hip Hop Beavis and Butthead Chuck Taylor Converse worn by -
Model: Madelyn Lance for bookings contact -  or follow @madzilla
Photographer: Diego Helguero - follow @ocsnaps and see videos on

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